Welcome Home!

June 14, 2010

Elgin Association churches have continued to worship, many online and, when able, in person in a safe and responsible way. We encourage you to contact our churches for further details.

This is the website of the Elgin Association of Baptist Churches. We are an umbrella organization linking 7 Canadian Baptist Churches in the County of Elgin. Those churches include Aylmer, New Sarum,  First Yarmouth Plains, Centre Street, Iona Station, Dutton and West Lorne. This association is also an affiliated body with the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec, and so affiliated with Canadian Baptist Ministries and the Baptist World Alliance.

Our association exists to glorify God. We do this by encouraging communication and cooperation, fellowship and partnership among our member churches for the furtherance of the Gospel.

Executive Officers

Moderator: Rev. Margaret Bell

Treasurer: Edgar DeRoos

Member at Large: Dan Dale

Communications: Karen Hilliker

Elgin Association History

“The Fall of 2019 will mark the 145th anniversary of the Elgin Baptist Association and over 200 years of Baptists in what is now Elgin County.  In the early pioneer days churches were often joined with American associations but the distances proved too difficult. In 1829, the Western Association was formed with the first annual meeting being held in 1830. This first association included three churches from the region now know as Elgin County. In 1837 there was a division which created the Long Point Association and the Western Association. Four churches of this area became part of the new Long Point Association while one remained in the Western Association. In 1845 these two associations united to reform the Western Association.

In 1860 the Western Association split once again and the churches in this region became part of the Middlesex and Elgin Association. In 1874 these two split, out of which formed the present day Elgin Association of Baptist Churches. Our association has had both a long and rich history, being very active over the years. Membership in the association has fluctuated over the years, it now sits at 7 churches.